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Each of our proposals is an experience that goes beyond a stay on the island.


Hidden Plans is our way of showing you not only what you’re going to find within our establishments but also beyond their walls. The places you should visit, the points of cultural and historical interest and, of course, our favourite haunts that are frequented by locals who also understand the secret art of living.

Sea and Land: The Flavors that Define Mallorcan Cuisine

Have you ever wondered how an island is able to capture the essence of an entire sea in its gastronomy? Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is not only famous for its beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but also for its rich culinary tradition. Discover with Samaritana Suites a feast of


10 Things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal destination for all types of travelers, as it offers different activities in an unique environment and with a warm climate that will help make your stay unforgettable. If you are thinking of visiting this destination, we invite you to discover our holiday apartments in Majorca: Samaritana


Discover what to see in Mallorca

Palma Cathedral, the Drach Caves, the Formentor Lighthouse… These places come to mind when we think of everything what to see in Mallorca. However, at Samaritana Suites, our holiday apartments in Mallorca, we are going to offer you some of its lesser-known treasures. You sign up? What to see in


Which island to visit, Ibiza or Mallorca?

Ibiza or Mallorca, that is the question that many tourists ask themselves when they want to visit the Balearic archipelago. However, these are not the only options, as there are other islands that are part of this territory, such as Menorca or Formentera, also known as Pitiusas. Although we are