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Celebrate Mallorcan Style: Get to know the most Emblematic Festivities of the Island

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Mallorca, from Samaritana Suites we will explain in detail the most emblematic festivities of the island. Experience first-hand the passion for its celebrations and discover the diversity and charm of Mallorca’s festivities that make this island unique!

Don’t forget to visit the official website of festivals and traditions of the Balearic Islands to make sure you don’t miss a single one!

Sant Antoni: A festival full of tradition and fire

One of the most outstanding festivities in Mallorca is the celebration of Sant Antoni, the patron saint of animals. Every year, on the 16th and 17th of January, the streets of many villages on the island fill with life and excitement. During these festivities, there are parades, animal blessings and bonfires that light up the night sky. Sa Pobla, Manacor and Artà stand out among all the municipalities that celebrate these festivities.

The most emblematic tradition of Sant Antoni is the famous “correfoc“, where groups of people dressed as devils run through the streets while shooting fireworks and dancing to the rhythm of the music. This spectacle is a unique experience not to be missed if you visit Mallorca at this time of year.

Sant Sebastià: Music, fireworks and fun

Another typical festival not to be missed is the celebration of Sant Sebastià, patron saint of Palma. Every 20th January, the capital, Palma de Mallorca, fills up with music, dancing and fireworks. During this event, you can enjoy open-air concerts, dance performances, cultural activities and many other forms of entertainment.

One of the most outstanding traditions of Sant Sebastià is the “correfoc”, similar to Sant Antoni, where devils run through the streets and light up the night with fireworks and pyrotechnics. 

Carnaval Sa Rua: Joy and colourful parades

The Carnaval Sa Rua is a festival that fills the streets of Mallorca with colour, music and fun. During this celebration, which takes place in February, the island’s inhabitants dress up in costumes and take part in parades through the main towns and villages.

The Sa Rua Carnival parades are full of decorated floats, troupes and dance troupes that liven up the atmosphere with traditional music and dances. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy the creativity and festive spirit of Mallorca, while immersed in a sea of costumes and contagious laughter.

Flower Fair: A display of fragrances and colors

In spring, Mallorca is filled with fragrances and colors with the celebration of the Flower Fair. During this festival, the island’s gardens and squares are adorned with a wide variety of flowers and plants, creating an atmosphere full of beauty and joy. It is a perfect opportunity to appreciate the richness of Mallorca’s nature and delight in the variety of colors and aromas that unfold around you.

The Flower Fair is famous in a village called Costitx where there are workshops, flower arranging demonstrations and even a children’s correfoc to add a touch of excitement to the event. 

Medieval Fair: A journey through time

If you are passionate about history and ancient traditions, the Mallorca Medieval Fair is a festival not to be missed. For several days, the old quarters of some of the island’s villages are transformed into medieval settings, full of markets, theatrical performances, battles and traditional shows. One of the most outstanding medieval fairs is the one in Capdepera, where you can experience the most authentic atmosphere.

Delight yourself with delicious food and drinks typical of the period, witness performances of medieval trades and crafts, and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that will transport you to centuries gone by. The Medieval Fair is a fascinating experience that combines fun, culture and history.

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