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Discover the wonderful island of Sa Dragonera: An Adventure in Majorca that You Can’t Miss

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies a hidden natural treasure: the island of Sa Dragonera. Stretching some 4 kilometres, this unspoilt island stands as a monument to Mallorca’s pristine beauty. From its small agricultural constructions to its three lighthouses that watch over the coast, Sa Dragonera is a haven of wild nature in the middle of the sea. With a height of 352 metres, its imposing presence rises majestically above the horizon, offering an unparalleled visual spectacle from any angle. Located in the southwest of Mallorca, opposite the picturesque village of Sant Elm, Sa Dragonera invites visitors to explore its most hidden corners and immerse themselves in the magic of this natural paradise.

A dream voyage

The adventure begins from the moment you board the boat bound for Sa Dragonera. For approximately 20 minutes, you will be immersed in a journey of discovery and wonder as you approach this jewel of the Mediterranean. The panoramic views that unfold before your eyes are simply spectacular, and prepare you for the unique experience that awaits you on the island.

The “Margarita”, a classic Mallorcan “llaut”, takes you on an iconic route around Mallorca, departing from Sant Elm. This boat, suitable for all kinds of activities, has been perfectly conditioned to take tourists to the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera. With its stable, safe and smooth sailing, it guarantees you a comfortable trip full of emotions.

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Explore Sa Dragonera

Explore the trails of Sa Dragonera, where you’ll find four marked routes leading to viewpoints and other points of interest. However, the true magic lies in getting lost in the lush nature surrounding you. Here, you can design your own hiking adventure, letting the charm of the moment guide you. Nevertheless, we provide information on the four main trails starting from the small port of Cala Lladó:

  • Tramuntana Lighthouse Route: This 1.7-kilometer (round trip) trail starts at the pier and takes about an hour to complete. From this lighthouse, operational since 1910, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the coast of Mallorca. Additionally, it now functions as a museum, offering an interesting insight into lighthouse life and the routine of lighthouse keepers.
  • Old Lighthouse Route: Built in 1850 on an old watchtower, the old lighthouse of Isla Dragonera (na Pòpia) was dismantled in 1910. Although little remains of its facilities, the panoramic views make the journey worthwhile. This 3.8-kilometer route is easy to walk, with smooth terrain.
  • Llebeig Lighthouse Route: This 4.5-kilometer trail will take about three hours (round trip) to reach this old watch post. Built in 1905 to protect against pirate attacks, the Llebeig Lighthouse is well preserved. In autumn, you can observe the flight of the marine hawk from here.
  • Punta de na Miranda Route: This simple route of just over 1 kilometer offers panoramic views of Cala Lladó. With low difficulty, you can complete it in half an hour and also have the chance to observe the old cultivation fields, especially of cereals and olives.

Conservation and Respect for Nature

Sa Dragonera is much more than just an island; it is a testament to the importance of conservation and respect for nature. In the 1970s, there were plans to develop the island into a luxury tourist destination, but thanks to the intervention of environmental groups, this project was halted. Instead, Sa Dragonera was designated as a protected natural park, aiming to preserve its beauty and biodiversity for future generations.

To protect the fragile ecosystem of Sa Dragonera and preserve its natural beauty, it is essential to follow these rules during your visit:

  • Visiting Hours: Access the island only during permitted hours.
  • Stay on Designated Trails: Stay on marked trails to avoid damaging the vegetation.
  • No Smoking or Lighting Fires: Smoking and lighting fires are not allowed, except in designated areas.
  • Fishing Restrictions from Land: Avoid fishing from the shore to protect marine life.
  • Do Not Feed the Animals: Do not feed the animals to maintain their natural behavior.

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